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Music Lessons Information

Teacher’s aims:

- To provide a good, solid foundation for the student to become proficient in music.

- To provide age- and experience- appropriate tuition.

- To provide technically excellent tuition in the instrument of choice.

- To take the student through the graded levels as set by the ABRSM or similar examining bodies.

Parent/Guardian agreement, where the student is under 16

(In the case of adult students, they agree similarly for themselves):

- To encourage the student to practise regularly, as directed by the teacher.

- To provide the necessary facilities to enable practise outside of lessons.

- To pay promptly for books and other equipment necessary for the student to progress as agreed

with the teacher.

- To pay promptly for lessons, in advance, as agreed with the teacher.

General information:

- Lessons will be organised in accordance with local school term dates and will take place during

term time. Extra lessons, during school holidays, can be arranged if needed.

- Fees will be payable at the beginning of each half term.

- Fees will be refunded, or carried over, if the teacher cancels a lesson, or if a student cancels with

a week’s notice, or less in the case of an unavoidable emergency.

- Fees will not be refunded if a student cancels with less than a week’s notice for any non-urgent


- Lesson fees are £15.00 per half hour or part thereof. Fees will go up from time-to-time, but

always with advance notice, in writing.

- Communication will be primarily in the form of e-mail, unless otherwise agreed.